Out with the old & in with the new! Pack up all the handbags, shoes & clothes you don't wear anymore and resell with PIVOT! Complimentary pick-up provided.


THE REVAMP (2hr minimum)

Do you constantly stand in front of a closet full of clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear? Book PIVOT for a wardrobe revamp. We'll use your existing pieces to unearth looks that are fresh and fabulous.


THE EDIT (2hr minimum)

A smart girl knows when it’s time to PIVOT. Closet edits are a necessity to a truly jaw-dropping wardrobe!  We will take your existing pieces, keep what works, resell or donate what doesn’t and add in what’s missing to create a whole new look. 


THE VACATION (2hr minimum)

Take the stress out of packing for an upcoming vacation. Say goodbye to overstuffing your luggage and have PIVOT style you for your entire trip! A lookbook of head-to-toe outfits will be provided so you can spend your time deciding which wine to order instead of what to wear!


UNLIMITED (monthly)

Snag yourself a monthly styling subscription and have PIVOT at your beck and call all month long! Consider us the style-butler you never knew you needed!  Includes 1 EDIT and unlimited personal shopping & weekly styling appointment. All of your outfits will be saved on your phone so you’ll be able to get dressed quicker than ever!